Welcome to the Party, I have gin & cookies

Well hello there, hey you, come closer, you can nibble on my cookies and sip some gin I´ve got here and nod politely while I´ll talk about myself.

Hi, I’m Reverine, a university student, photographer, writer and a joker (minus the creepy makeup, well, unless on a night out). You´ll often find me with a book in hand, or a pen, scribbling notes on used subway tickets or just generally embarrassing myself in public by taking self portraits, art which often involves climbing into rubbish bins and washing machines (but that deserves its own blog post).

I decided to share a bit of my „adventures“, along with my rants thoughts on writing, life and photography, along with featuring a some of my photographs. I think that for my next blog I will write a bit about my first solo photography exhibition in Tchai-ovna, in Glasgow and I´ll try to post at least once a week so this awkward little post will get hidden soon.

In the meantime you can subscribe via rss, leave me a comment saying how much you´ve enjoyed reading this wee article. You can also flick through my photos on flickr, have a look at my facebook page or website. So just feel free to stalk me in any way you want, it´ll be much appreciated.

Until next time,



Author: reverine

Writer & Photographer currently based in Edinburgh, UK. http://reverinephotography.com/

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