About Winning the Oscar or How I Got People To Look at My Stuff

Yesterday was the last day of my photography exhibition. So just before they were closing I went to the lovely tchai-ovna, to take the photos down, with the help of the boyfriend who turned out being (like most men) completely useless, but at least provided moral support and amusement while I was balancing on the chair battling with wires and heavy frames. And I´ve met a guy who bought one of my pieces, said hi to him and tried not to appear overly excited and awkward. I do not think I succeeded but it was a good night, even though it was sad seeing the bare walls and my pictures in the bag and on the floor just didn´t have the same charm.

But before I get all sappy and thank everyone like an actress after winning an oscar, I might as well tell you about how it all began. Actually, I don´t really know how I got to have an exhibition, developed completely organically. I met my friend Ola who was working in tchai-ovna, which is if you don´t know the coolest place in Glasgow.

Moving to the UK from Slovakia two years ago, I knew what would be the thing I´ll miss the most, the amazing little tea houses where you can just chill and chat for hours with friends and a good cup of tea. So you can imagine my joy when I found a similar place here as well. Well anyways, me and Ola were doing a photo shoot together, started talking and turned out that the venue is looking for new artists to exhibit. Of course I jumped at the chance and within a few days I sent Ola a bucketful of photos (well, minus the bucket).

I got approved by the big boss and all I needed was the date and then just “simple” things such as choosing the photos, printing them, finding frames and put them on a wall, oh and host an exhibition opening night. But I think all that deserves it´s own blog post. I already have a title for it – “How Not To Plan An Exhibition”

However, despite all that went wrong, and believe me, all that could did; it was an amazing experience. I had a lot of people at the opening night and a lot of good comments on my work, so that was great. So yeah, I´d like to thank everyone who helped me choose the pictures, gave some advice or moral support or just said they like my work & went to tchai-ovna to check it out (or just were there in spirit). Well basically I´m just thanking everyone.

Sooo where´s my oscar?

me with some of my photos at the exhibition & the coolest neclace eva

PS. Yes I know that Oscar is for actors and film people. The Pulitzer Price for Photography, however is quite a mouthful and unfortunately not as well known.

PS 2. I wanted to upload more pictures here but am too tired/lazy to do so. But you can check them out here, along with detailed images of the selected photographs and some general fooling around.


Author: reverine

Writer & Photographer currently based in Edinburgh, UK. http://reverinephotography.com/

One thought on “About Winning the Oscar or How I Got People To Look at My Stuff”

  1. Thumbs up for this blog! I do like it so keep posting! 😀 Shame I couldn’t see your exhibition :/

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