Meeting the Green-haired Fairy – Alternative Photoshoot


A few weeks ago I had an amazing photo shoot with a girl with a stunning and unusual looking girl in Edinburgh. It was lots of fun and I think I got quite a few good photos out of it.

The first time I met Laura was in the Forest café in Edinburgh. I just flew back from holidays in Slovakia and since it was a nice day me and the boyfriend decided to walk around a little. I go to Edinburgh all the time, however the only place I know well is the airport so it´s nice to explore a little.

We ended up in the forest café for some tea and lunch and I immediately noticed the greenhaired girl behind the counter. After a bit of internal discussion I decided to approach her, So when we were leaving I stopped to talk, gave her my business card (so glad I finally got them) and asked her to contact me if she´d like to be photographed by me. All the while hoping I don´t look like a creepy stalker but more like an artistic soul (I hat a hat on). There is a thin line between these two and most of the time I don´t know exactly on which side of the spectrum I reside.

A few days later she texted me and we booked a date. I was quite busy at the time but managed to squeeze in a little trip and a photoshoot in between my exams and it was worth it.

I always feel very inspired when doing alternative photoshoots, it´s a nice breath of fresh air from portraits and fashion which can get somewhat repetitive. I also find that with alternative looks I have more freedom of expression and inspiration.

And now – the photos:

Okay, cool photos, you might say – but isn´t she supposed to have green hair?

Yes she is. But for some reason Laura´s green hair photographs blue. When she told me that, I said that Im pretty sure that I can make her hair green thinking that the previous photographers just used some wrong white balance settings. But despite my assuredness her hair still showed up blue on the photos. I have no idea why, probably something to do with the way sunlight is reflected but it´s still pretty weird.

Anyways, if you want to know more about Laura, you can have a look at her blog or model mayhem page. If you want to know more about me, keep watching this space.


see ya next week


Author: reverine

Writer & Photographer currently based in Edinburgh, UK.

3 thoughts on “Meeting the Green-haired Fairy – Alternative Photoshoot”

  1. Oh I had a friend who spray-dyed-temporary her hair too, it was definitely purple through the human eye but turned out blue on the camera!
    Anyway, I think Laura’s green-turned-blue hair turned out lovely 🙂 matches the overall feel of the garden and bokeh foliage.

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