Kennedy Cupcakes Video & Backstage Shots

Whey, the video for the Kennedy Cupcakes promo, where I did some behind the scenes photography is finished and you can watch it here:

I think that everyone did a great job, especially the girls and Graham, the director from Up Next Studios.  It was a very busy day, me and A. – my boyfriend who was helping out as well, were on the set from nine to five, and if the girls wouldn´t have brought any food we probably would´ve starved to death.

The Classic Grand – the venue we were filming in, was amazing, I shot my first ever concert there so it was great to come back. Me and A. helped to set up the lights, the director would set up the camera(s) and start filming and we´d all try not to get into the shot, in the meantime I was shooting away, mainly backstage stuff, but managed to get some posed shots too, some of which I posted in my previous blog.  We had to do a lot of retakes, just in case we won´t miss anything and towards the end I got a chance to play with a big boy camera.

Here´s me grinning away with the camera

So yes, that was fun, of course all I did with this was just standing near it, turing it on and of and moving it ever so slightly from time to time. But still, with these basic skills I might become a famous film maker, given I ever get rich enough to afford one of these babies. So I guess so far I´ll stick with photography for now, although god knows there si way to much equipment I simply NEEED, like the newest Nikon full frame, good thing it is still unreleased…

Moving on… the shoot was absolutely amazing, and I got the chance to work & meet so many cool people. Also the sunday´s premiére was great. It was in Blythewood hotel – five stars people (good thing I decided against my purple sneakers this time). After some drinks we went down to a mini-cinema to watch the video as well as some more footage of the dances and of course outtakes, these were hilarious. Also there were awards, I got one for best photography (naturally) although, yes, I was also the only photographer there. And A. got an award for being the “best boy grip” for holding the boom stand (the fluffy sound thing). So another pleasant evening in a great environment, drinking some delicious wine… I could get used to this.

But now, some backstage photos:

All the drinks were unfortunately for girls non alcoholic 😀
the script


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