Bratislava Urban Market &; The Uniques

Another long hiatus from posting due to a broken computer. I guess I´ll never achieve my dream of  posting regulary, but I´ll try.  Well anyways, I´m just planning a few photoshoots for my new website, which I hope to unveil soonish. In the meantime I´m shopping for presents, drinking tea and wine (usually not at the same time) and trying to come to terms with the fact that after living in the library for 3 weeks I now have a chance for social life! (If I still have some friends left, that is).

Anywaaays. On saturday I went to Christmas Urban Market in Bratislava, which was a great experience. I know that in Glasgow there´s heaps of events like this, The Vintage fair  or my favourite Bold Souls events, but I´ve not seen anything like this in Bratislava, featuring independed labels and designers so I think it´s a great change. There was also a fashion show and lots and lots of bands playing and a few events. I´ve only seen half of the fashion show as I came in late (classic), but what I´ve seen was pretty impressive:

And of course I went there mainly to see The Uniques, the only Slovak band I actually like, do check them out.  The concert was great, although most of the time I was torn whether to enjoy music or take pictures, I also managed to say hi to the singer and gave him my card.  Also can I just say I love my 85m 1.8, I wanna marry it and have lots of beautiful babies (photographs) em yeah, its awesome.

Other than that I had a great time and can´t wait to go there again next year.

As usual I´ll try to upload more pictures on my fb page, so click like to keep posted.



Author: reverine

Writer & Photographer currently based in Edinburgh, UK.

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