DIY Passport Photos

Yesterday I went to take a few passport photos, I need one to include with my visa application (I’m going to Russia for a few months) and thought I might as well take one myself. So after ages I finally booked myself to hairdresser’s. She even used the electric shaver, for some reason it always makes me so happy. Anyways the haircut was a success (although in the state my hair was before even a paper bag would have been a success) and I decided to take photos straight afterwards. It took me a while to figure out the best setup, because one of the most annoying features of my flat, which is otherwise absolutely amazing is that it doesn’t contain a single white wall. It’s all beige. Beige! Seriously… I had some white paper I could use as background but didn’t have any cellotape to stick it on the wall.

In the end my setup consisted just of a fully extended tripod with a white reflector (my background) sitting on a chair. So simple yet effective. There was no sunlight so I had to use flash, decided to bounce it off the ceiling to get a more pleasing lighting. I noticed that the ambient light from the lamps was messing with the colours so I used a bit of white paper as a reflector and held it under my face to smoother out the shadows. So yeah, this is a very simple way to take some passport or profile photos you’re happy with. It can be also a good photo-booth idea for a party, given that you’re not afraid of getting your equipment broken, in which case you probably go to different parties than I do. 😀


Author: reverine

Writer & Photographer currently based in Edinburgh, UK.

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