Summer in Glasgow

Not what I usually post here but it was the latest photo I’ve taken and kind of depicts what I’ve been feeling like lately. I’ve photographed this particular trio of buildings a few times before, unintentionally, just as I was walking to and from town, but this one feels like it’s the one. Maybe I should try to dig out the other ones for comparison but just the thought of wading through my 50k+ strong photo archive makes me shiver.

Anyway, I supposed that my summer in Glasgow would be more glamorous, even though yes, Glasgow is the most unglamorous city one can imagine. Still, I thought I’d be hanging out with friends, being creative and generally just having fun with an easy job to pay the bills. But somehow I found myself juggling two jobs, none of which pays well, and the odd photography gig or shoot on the side. On the day this photo was taken I was rained on almost constantly during job n.1, then spent about 20 minutes trying to make a human out of myself at the toilets including drying my hair and shoes underneath the tiny hand dryer (thankfully there were no witnesses) before going to shoot a gig. So yeah, I’m keeping busy. That’s good, although I still wish I had more time for my personal projects.

Today I woke up, slightly hung over trying to navigate my way through though the empty wine bottles and general crap on the floor. But what I felt was… nostalgia. Strange, right? Guess the whole acting like an adult thing shouldn’t stop me from having fun from time to time. 😀


Author: reverine

Writer & Photographer currently based in Edinburgh, UK.

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