Ninja Models and a Bob Dylan Poster – Behind the Scenes Photos

Today I’m gonna do something I’ve not done on this blog before and share some behind the scenes photos from one of my recent photoshoots. See, I always take these photos with the intention of sharing them on my blog, but I always either forget or have waaay too many finished photos from a shoot that I have no space (or energy) to upload that many. But after one of my behind the scenes photos got pretty good feedback on my photography Facebook Page  I thought, why not just upload a whole bunch of them, especially as Sam and Harrison were so fun and kept fooling around so I got some good action shots.

The first look. It was really hard to keep this girl from laughing, but she looks gorgeous when she does so I didn’t mind.

Fake lashes, warning, can make you feel slightly uncomfortable.

That day, when we were shooting a random guy with a suitcase and a Bob Dylan poster stopped by and gave us the framed poster. So now it’s in my room, and I wake up every day looking at a man I love.

Sorry Harrison, I know you wanted to keep it, but you forgot to take it and now it’s mine :D.

Anyway, (and now imagine me with a beard and a bottle of beer) I don’t always have a male make-up artist, but when I do I make him model for me. Sam and Harrison did a lot of theatre at their college so when I asked them to pose together I was in for a treat.

And no, I swear I didn’t tell them to do any of these things.


Author: reverine

Writer & Photographer currently based in Edinburgh, UK.

6 thoughts on “Ninja Models and a Bob Dylan Poster – Behind the Scenes Photos”

  1. Keep up the good work Sam, everyone must be so proud of you and not forgetting your looking good x

    1. Thanks, photography and writing are two of my favourite things so it kind of makes sense. For some reason but I can’t see myself on pressed :(. Either way, all the nice comments I get from people like you are things that keep me going 🙂

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