So I heard You Like Paris

Here’s a picture for you.

So I was in Paris (as you probably guessed by now). Standing on top of L’Arc de Triomphe with an epic sunset going on. I even had a tripod with me to capture the amazingness happening in front of me. I’ve been taking my time, capturing the sunset over La Defense, then taking a few snaps of Champs Elysees from above before moving towards the Eiffel Tower. I pushed through the swarms of trigger happy asians with their cameras and obnoxiously loud americans and more annoying tourists until I found an opening with a view. I snapped a quick picture before recomposing with a more pleasing angle and composition. I pressed the shutter. Nothing happened. My battery died and all I was left with was the crappy Eiffel tower shot. Granted after a bit of cropping it turned out okay and worthy enough to be put on the blog. Well at least something came out of this failed photo opportunity and the photo is one of my favourites from my trip.

Moral of the story: Charge your batteries regularly and carry extra ones. If you carry your tripod all over the town for the perfect shot – something will definitely prevent you from using it.


Author: reverine

Writer & Photographer currently based in Edinburgh, UK.

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