Monmartre Dreams

Channelling my inner Amelie in Monmartre, Paris.

Early morning in Monmartre was cool, and I was shivering in my tiny, un-ironed grey dress. I didn’t have anything better to wear and I was determined to take a few self-portraits while in Paris. I couldn’t get away any other time so these were the only ones I’ve taken. The streets were fairly empty, shopkeepers were opening their cafes, creperies and shops selling either intricate desserts or typical french souvenirs (made in china). There was only a pair of tourists in front of Sacre Coeur more interested in their map than the beauty around them. Senegaleese trinket sellers watched me as I set up my tripod and started shooting. “Souvenir? One euro only!” one of them asked as I brushed past them walking up the stairs, all of them were selling identical Eiffel Tower key rings for identical price. “NON, merci,” I said in my best french accent and continued shooting away. Less than five minutes later I packed up my tripod and excited and exhilarated ran down the stairs and back into my hostel.

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you’ve got a favourite among the photos,

until next time x


Author: reverine

Writer & Photographer currently based in Edinburgh, UK.

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