North Berwick Day-trip Photos

Only 30 minutes by train from Edinburgh, North Berwick was an ideal place to visit. With a charming seaside atmosphere, the little town was chock-full of visitors and locals enjoying the sunshine.


I haven’t posted in … well let’s say a while. Life happened and somehow I kept losing motivation for a lot of things. I’m still not sure if I’ll find it.

Anyway, I finally had a weekend off, and on a lovely spring Saturday M & I decided to go on a spontaneous trip to North Berwick.


Only 30 minutes by train from Edinburgh, it was an ideal place to visit, especially since we haven’t been there before. With a charming seaside atmosphere, the little town was chock-full of visitors and locals enjoying the sunshine.

We wandered about the town and by the seaside, enjoying a scoop of Luca’s ice cream, staring at kids splashing about in the cold North Sea. While the town seemed to be full of exciting shops, cafes and restaurants almost everything was closed by the time we actually wanted to grab a bite. We managed to get a table at Herringbone, and had some great burgers (though mine was a bit challenging to eat). The place was really busy and at one point a customer pushed into our table and sent my camera flying. Needless to say, I almost had a heart-attack, but turns out my Nikon D800 is one tough cookie.

I wanted to try my new filters by the sea, however it was too bright, even with stacking! I was hoping to catch the sunset, but alas I didn’t realise how much later the sun sets now and we didn’t want to miss the train back. Maybe next time.


Paris Fashion Week or I have no idea what I’m doing

So I went to Paris Fashion Week. Or since I live in Paris, the fashion week came to me. Except that’s not entirely true. The fashion week was mainly concentrated in little pockets of fashion where everything was allowed – or so it seemed, until you stepped out of the bubble and then people would make “funny” comments about trendsetters (people with wacky clothes) instead of photographing them.

I was free on Sunday so I looked at the show timetable thinking of skulking around before the shows and taking some street pics. I’ve had some experience with fashion shows and I’ve had press access for Bratislava Fashion Weekend (event which sadly died after a single year) but that didn’t really prepare me for a “proper” fashion week. I took a metro to the Grand Palais and for the first couple of minutes of walking around I was wondering what the hell I’m doing here. There were a few people waiting, most of them photographers and a few guests. Not much else seemed to be happening.

Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014

I amused myself by taking pictures of some fashionably dressed folk and other photographers, surprisingly a lot of them looked pretty stylish (even I tried). About half an hour after I arrived it started. More people began to arrive and everyone would just start running after them to take a picture. Often you’d have a group of 10 people photographing a single fashion victim. Everyone ran back and forth trying to spot the famous/best-dressed/good-looking person and of course once someone started taking a picture of a model/whomever everyone nearby would join. At first I found it crazy, but I soon became absorbed in this game. Although just there and then – playing paparazzi before a fashion week show, I realised how little I actually know about the world of fashion. Photographers would chant someone’s name and I would look around trying to spot the famous person. Or I’d hear a group of girls squealing only to realise too late that Anna Wintour strode past. Ah well. I did take a few pictures of famous people, although I have no idea who they are. They did look good. This blog probably destroys any seeming street fashion cred I may have had, but to hell with that.

Here are some pictures! I won’t fit all the amazing and good-looking and the plain weird looking people just into one blog so there’ll be another part soon.

Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014 Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014

Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014

Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014 Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014

Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014 Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014 Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014 Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014 Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014 DSC_6023 DSC_6028DSC_6050 DSC_6056DSC_6066 DSC_6078DSC_6089DSC_6102 DSC_6106DSC_6126 DSC_6128 DSC_6135 DSC_6137DSC_6145DSC_6155 DSC_6166 DSC_6169DSC_6175 DSC_6176 DSC_6177DSC_6184DSC_6190 DSC_6195 DSC_6197 DSC_6201 DSC_6205-2DSC_6216-2DSC_6220-2

The Barcelona Experience – beach, protests, stolen wallet and partying with no money…


How can one describe the roller coaster that was Barcelona?

Between october and november I had a 2 week holiday and thought it would be great to go to Barcelona… my friends agreed and what I thought an idle dream could become a reality.  The main problem, however was getting there from a tiny french town in the middle of nowhere. We arranged a car sharing trip from our town to Montpelier and from there to Barcelona, though a few days before it seemed like we might not go anywhere as the first driver’s car broke down. So we were in the awkward position of having to arrange a new ride the day before we were supposed to leave. I started packing at 1am and went to sleep worried about whether we’d actually make it there.

Thankfully, both of our drivers were very nice (especially our ride from Montpelier to Barcelona, whose car was tiny and uncomfortable but had great conversations). And I couldn’t believe my luck when we were walking dazed at the Ramblas getting hopelessly lost while trying to find our hostel. We were in Barcelona!

DSC_0494 DSC_0505

DSC_0506 DSC_0516 DSC_0555 DSC_0567 DSC_0572DSC_0601 DSC_0603DSC_0642DSC_0662

Barcelona was amazing, great atmosphere, tons of colours and warmth. You could just wander around the streets all day and find new and amazing things to look at, narrow streets, food vendors, we even stumbled upon a protest. And the beach… the beach was just amazing.

Barcelona beach Barcelona Beach

But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. My handbag was stolen on the beach at night after a night out, I was talking to someone and I had it on me and then it was gone (and so was my phone, wallet, & ID in it), thankfully the guy gave me 10€ for a taxi home. After spending the next day hungover and miserable I went out again as it was our last night in Barcelona. I went out with nothing but 2,20€ in my pocket and still managed to score booze and fags. Later that night I also managed to lose the friend I was with and had to spend my last 2€ on a metro ticket home and shout on the street so that my friends would let me in to the hotel room (no one trusted me with a key after my bag was stolen). So yeah, Barcelona was definitely a roller coaster experience…

The city made me feel awful and paranoid at times yet I can’t stop loving the epic joi de vivre that seemed to envelop the place…

DSC_0707 DSC_0699

DSC_0941 DSC_0942 DSC_0949 DSC_0959 DSC_0979 DSC_0981 DSC_1019 DSC_1045 DSC_1065

On our last day I was tired and shaky as I barely got any sleep the night before and even tried to sleep in a park in the middle of the city (at some point you just stop caring), and couldn’t wait to go back. But the moment we got out of the car at a sleepy train station in France, with cold wind blowing through the sweater and a jacket I was wearing over my t-shirt I wished I was still in Barcelona…

DSC_0912 DSC_0928 DSC_0930

Ma vie en France

I haven’t posted in a while, but I had a good reason to be busy- I moved to France. I now live in the central region of France, Auvergne in a tiny city called Murat.  I’ll be staying here for about 3 months, though my first month has gone by already.

Auvergne, France

Some of my observations so far:

  1. The French love their cheese, okay, this is one is not too groundbreaking as I knew that before but completely underestimated their cheesy obsessions. Here we get cheese with every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Though strange I quickly got used to it, and now I’ve even got my favourite regional cheese – the Cantal.
French Food
Goat cheese salad from Bar du Palais, Murat

2. Speaking of food, the French spend a lot of time at the table. Most meals contain 3 courses, the desert being usually – yes you guessed it – fromage.

3. Wine is cheap, lovely and plentiful. Bordeaux is the most popular in my region.

4. Yes, you can buy escargots in the supermarket

2013-09-24 18.14.30

  1. Sundays are hell. Yes, there have been many a song written on the subject of boring sundays but I don’t think you’ve experienced a proper boring sunday unless you stayed in a small french town in the mountains. The french do love their sacred sunday family time and usually have a big sunday meal etc, which all sounds just lovely until you realise that you’re not french and you barely knowanyone in your town. There is nothing to do because everything is closed and as a rule it’s usually too rainy or cold to have a walk in the mountains, and you don’t have a car or a bike so it’s not like you can go anywhere exciting. Thank god for that single bar that’s opened even on sundays. Don’t think I’d survive without it otherwise (love you Guillaume!). Though I am going to cry my eyes out now the bar is being closed for the winter…
  2. Auvergne, France In a small town like Murat, you quickly find a favourite bar and few weeks in you already know most of the staff and are on the first name basis with the owner (see above). I also have my favourite cafe and a bakery. The downside is that even if you nip down to the supermarket on a bad hair day the likelihood of meeting half the people you know is very high.

    Auvergne, France
    Bonjour Olivia. What the hell happened to your hair?
  3. French greetings (bisous) was invented just to torment me. Yes you all know the peck on two cheeks the French people are so fond of, we sometimes do it in Slovakia too but in my mind is always linked to greeting elderly relatives who keep asking me when I’m getting married (hint. Never). Not like that’s bad enough, in Auvergne they traditionally do the bisous three, THREE times! Probably just to prolong my embarrassment.

Auvergne, France

8. The countryside is god damn beautiful. Sometimes it feels like I never left Scotland, because of the gorgeous mountains, lovely views and ridiculously unpredictable weather.

Auvergne, France

9. The people here are amazing. Seriously. I know most people think that French people are rude or aloof. I never noticed that, (until my September stay in Paris that is, which involved me having a bit of a breakdown due to general incompetence of the hotel staff) but I never thought I’d meet so many lovely and generous people here. Some let me stay in their homes, made me meals and made sure I’ve got everything I need and am enjoying my stay and were genuinely interested with interacting (or helping) a foreigner even though my french is not the best.

10. France makes me happy.

Murat Rainbow, France

2012 Review – Photography, Travel & Life

I know everyone is doing this now, but I really like the idea of reviewing the past year so I thought I’d share some highlights of my year.

2012 Highlights

– got a MacBook Pro which made editing a dream as my laptop would no longer crash when opening Photoshop.

– done lots of fashion photoshoots, like this one with Rachel below.

Rachel Monaghan, rooftop fashion photoshoot by reverine

– visited Tiree a small Scottish island which was very beautiful. I managed to break my tripod and damage my lens (both are still functional even though I haven’t repaired them yet, maybe something to do in 2013)

These rocks, although beautiful have proven fateful to my trusty tripod and lens

– moved to Russia for 2 months in April, lived in Tver, visited Moscow and St Petersburg and had a great time. On the Road

– did a photoshoot with an amazing Slovak band the uniques who are currently working on their second album. It was a very fun shoot which involved pouring water on the band members and an encounter with a swan.

– Summer Roadtrip with my parents – Visited all the countries of Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) and France. Luxembourg was the only one I haven’t been before and I was pleasantly surprised by it, it was beautiful and almost without tourists. Another highlight was taking a self-portrait in Monmartre in front of Sacre Coeur and pretending I was Parisian.

Monmartre Dreams by Reverine Photography


Bratislava Fashion Weekend  and Nightwalk

Bratislava Fashion Weekend - Holubec
Bratislava Fashion Weekend 2012- Holubec

Did some fun photoshoots in the studio, like the one with Debbie or Graham,  trying to get the hang of artificial lighting. I really enjoy working in the studio as it’s warm and it doesn’t rain in there, also there’s various exciting lighting opportunities available, although I still prefer natural light.

Debbie - Beauty shoot
Beauty shoot with Debbie

The Kennedy Cupcakes shoot. It was a lot of fun and a great experience shooting this many people. One part of the shoot was in the studio and the other one outdoors, I’ll post pictures of the second part later.

Christmas Cupcakes

Winter.   Went to Milan and Venice with my boyfriend. Went home to Slovakia for holidays, stopped in Prague for a few days and went for a day trip to Vienna to check out some art and have some mulled wine.


Other than that, I’ve been taking a ton of self-portraits which I rather enjoy although I still prefer shooting other people. I’ve done a lot of fashion photoshoots this year have a look at my 2012 Facebook album if you want to see more. For next year I’m planning to continue improving my portfolio and try and do more conceptual work and maybe some art nudes. I already have quite a few photoshoots planned for January and got asked to do some exciting projects so I hope it works out. I’d also like to continue working in the studio and ideally buy some of my own lights so I’d be more self-sufficient. My dream would be to earn enough money for a new camera I desperately need so I need to be more proactive about getting jobs and selling prints. And I’d like to update this blog at least once a week. Speaking of the blog, make sure to have a look at my most popular blog posts below. And don’t forget to share your goals or resolutions for 2013.

Travel, Obsessions and Work-life Balance

I haven’t posted for a while, it’s been a busy few weeks with what packing my meagre posessions, moving out and flying to amsterdam to spend a week on the road until coming home to slovakia. So I was busy travelling and then I was busy doing edits and more edits.

I don’t know about you but have an obsessive personality. If I’m working on something I will work on it obsessively until it’s done and then some. I mean I watched the whole 2 seasons of Game of Thrones in 4 days, and that was with restraining myself (e.g. actually going outside). That’s also why I read books so fast – I just don’t do anything apart from reading the whole day (if the book is gripping enough, which is becoming more and more rare).

Sometimes this obsessiveness can get a bit annoying – but mainly for other people. Like this summer I spend most of my time playing my boyfriends xbox (and no, that’s not a euphemism) so I’d often hear things like: “You’ve been playing this for 8 hours now, don’t you think you should go home?”

“Wait a sec, I just need to finish this mission/battle/section”

“Srsly, Olivia just go home now.” Nothing like spending quality time with your significant other. Although I must say I admire his patience. I do tolerate his football obsession so I guess that makes us even.

So yeah For some reason I just can’t do the whole work-life balance, I either work hard or I party hard, but it’s a rare ocassion when it’s in the same week or the same day.

So this week I’ve been working hard as you can see from my desk. Been doing lots of photo editing and the big pile of papers on the desk is the novel I’m working on right now. And yes, the cat is essential to the creative process. Anyway, I can’t wait to be done (only 30 pages!) because after that I’ll spend the whole week sipping margaritas on the fake beach by the river and finally socialising with my friends rather than my cat. So yeah, in some twisted sort of way I do have work-life balance. I’m not sure how long it’ll take for me to go crazy, but so far it seems to be working out for me.

Ninja Models and a Bob Dylan Poster – Behind the Scenes Photos

Today I’m gonna do something I’ve not done on this blog before and share some behind the scenes photos from one of my recent photoshoots. See, I always take these photos with the intention of sharing them on my blog, but I always either forget or have waaay too many finished photos from a shoot that I have no space (or energy) to upload that many. But after one of my behind the scenes photos got pretty good feedback on my photography Facebook Page  I thought, why not just upload a whole bunch of them, especially as Sam and Harrison were so fun and kept fooling around so I got some good action shots.

The first look. It was really hard to keep this girl from laughing, but she looks gorgeous when she does so I didn’t mind.

Fake lashes, warning, can make you feel slightly uncomfortable.

That day, when we were shooting a random guy with a suitcase and a Bob Dylan poster stopped by and gave us the framed poster. So now it’s in my room, and I wake up every day looking at a man I love.

Sorry Harrison, I know you wanted to keep it, but you forgot to take it and now it’s mine :D.

Anyway, (and now imagine me with a beard and a bottle of beer) I don’t always have a male make-up artist, but when I do I make him model for me. Sam and Harrison did a lot of theatre at their college so when I asked them to pose together I was in for a treat.

And no, I swear I didn’t tell them to do any of these things.