Paris Blue


My first week in Paris was kind of blue. I spent a lot of time walking in the rain, trying to find a place with inexpensive coffee to hide in and write. The city with its cold white skies seemed unapproachable, almost hostile, it is only in at dusk, during the blue hour when it started to come alive and I began taking pictures.

Paris Blue by Reverine Paris Blue by Reverine Paris Blue by ReverineDSC_4339


Paris Blue by ReverineDSC_4353DSC_4363DSC_4376DSC_4380 DSC_4599DSC_4602DSC_4609 DSC_4619 DSC_4633 DSC_4634 DSC_4809DSC_5018 Paris Blue by Reverine

DSC_4812 Paris Blue by Reverine


Iceman – Bodypainting Photoshoot

Iceman - Bodypainting Photoshoot

I know the summer is slowly beginning but I would like to introduce you to the Iceman. Kim decided to do some bodypainting and since I’ve not shot that before I was extremely excited. I didn’t really know what to expect when I showed up at the studio but was pleasantly surprised when I saw the painted Vincent (I was also kind of terrified because he looked completely different with the paint on). When Kimberly was doing her magic I set up the lighting. I loved playing with the black background and dramatic shadows which I think suited the subject matter. I used 2-3 strobes for this look. I was  quite happy with the results but editing was a PAIN. The body paint didn’t work like skin it was all weird and glittery so it took me a while to get the hang of it. But ultimately I didn’t have to do much since Kim did such a great work. It was a definitely an interesting experience and would love to do something like this again.

Iceman - Bodypainting Photoshoot

Iceman - Bodypainting Photoshoot

Iceman - Bodypainting Photoshoot
Did I mention I absolutely adore Killer Whales?
Iceman - Bodypainting Photoshoot
The full team in all its glory.

NVMERI Band Photoshoot

NVMERI by Reverine NVMERI by Reverine

So some time ago, actually quite a long time ago I’ve done a shoot with a very talented and critically acclaimed Slovak band. When I met them they were known as the uniques, but they changed their name to NVMERI with their eponymous second album which they have just released. I haven’t got it yet but I loved the last one and the single from their new album so you should all check it out. Anyway here is the rest of the pictures from the shoot which as you can see was great fun, the boys were chilled out and didn’t mind me making them walk into a lake and my assistant throwing water at them over and over again.

NVMERI by ReverineNVMERI by ReverineNVMERI by Reverine NVMERI

Across The Universe -Aerial Photography

Across The Universe

Take off. I was flying from Amsterdam to Glasgow. I had to wake up at 5am to get to the airport, the blue hour just began as I got on the airplane. Some girl was sitting on my seat. She asked me if she can sit there. I said no. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but this was the window seat. In the end her and her boyfriend ended up sitting together and I had my window seat. Which was great because while they were snoring next to me I got to see and capture some amazing views.

I experienced 3 sunrises, which is something my tired brain could not comprehend. Anyway, hope you’ll like the photos.

Across The Universe

Across The Universe DSC_1551 DSC_1531Across The Universe Across The UniverseGlasgow DSC_1560

Girl, Frozen.


Winter was always my favourite season. At first mainly because both my birthday and Christmas are in winter, so I had a lot to look forwards to. Now, while I still look forwards to these things my winters feel more melancholy, which is fine by me as in winter you can always blame your un-cheerful dispositon on the weather. Winter feels with you, doesn’t force you to go out and meet people because it’s freezing cold and snow on the ground so you can just stay home, covered underneath a blanket and read books or catch up on the TV shows everyone talks about. That’s why I don’t like autumn and spring, winter doesn’t pretend that things are better than they are. Oddly enough I like summer, because summer means freedom, at least for now.

These photos were taken on the Christmas morning, I woke up and the garden was filled with snow. After breakfast I ventured outside to take pictures of the stunning icicles and managed to take some self portraits. I stupidly forgot the most important part of my tripod in Glasgow which made it completely useless, so I had to improvise. I propped up my camera on the stairs to my house and after some manoeuvring got a good angle. I would have preferred to get more snow on the pictures but due to these limitations I couldn’t. But I still got acceptable results, which only shows that you don’t need to have all fancy gear to take a good picture it’s just a bit more challenging.

Girl Frozen DSC_0946 Girl, FrozenCat on the snowIcicles on a pine treeGirl, FrozenFrozen Flower
All photos from this series are available as prints.
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The Lost Girl

These were taken during the “summer” in Glasgow at one of my favourite places. I really want to shoot there again but I’m kind of bored with myself as a model and don’t feel creative enough anyway. I feel like I’m standing on crossroads trying decide which way to go… The time is ticking and there’s no looking back once I step forward. So I stand still. Completely and utterly lost.

Dancing in a Forrest

This self portrait session was an absolute nightmare. At first me and my friend planned to explore an abandoned hospital by the banks of Volga, but we got followed by the police. Probably shouldn’t be carrying my tripod but I absolutely didn’t expect that. After a nice walk and dinner, I decided to shoot at a place I discovered earlier but once I got there I realised I forgot the thing that connects your camera with the tripod (I’m sure it has a proper name but can’t be bothered googling it) so I had to go back. Not happy about that.

Also a few people would laugh at me when they saw me, not sure if it was the outfit or the red lipstick and the fact that I was carrying a big tripod and a camera bag. I know that my outfit would be more fitting for a hippie summer festival rather than a walk through busy streets of a provincial Russian city, but still. No wonder that all girls in Russia basically look the same… Nothing against Russians, some were really lovely but I just hate provincial attitudes where everything different is considered strange or laughable (apart from sushi, Russians love their sushi). That’s why I can’t wait to go back to Scotland where no one gives a damn, in the west end of Glasgow where I live you can see the pink-clad Byers road tranny or the Highlander guy who always walks his German Shepard wearing a full kilt and no one even raises an eyebrow…

But back to the shoot, despite the fact that I wasn’t in a great mood, I found a nice secluded place and set up my tripod hoping to spend a fun half an hour taking photos. Oh how wrong I was. I completely forgot about the mosquitos. They were everywhere. Buzzing in my ears when changing the settings on my camera, looking at the pictures or trying to strike a pose. That’s why I look so miserable at all of these – I’m anticipating the next mosquito attack. But I made myself stay until I get at least one good photo, this was my last chance to do a self portrait and wouldn’t want to leave Russia without at least one useable one, in order to justify dragging the tripod all the way there. So in the end I think I’m quite happy with the series. Here’s the rest. Let me know which one is your favourite.