Wild Flower – Photoshoot

After a long break I did a photoshoot with the lovely Krissy, who was looking to update her modelling portfolio. We took advantage of some gorgeous cherry blossoms (yes, this shoot was a while ago) and had a blast.





Photo20170427-DSC_856520170427-DSC_86091220170427-DSC_862120170427-DSC_8629-Edit20170427-DSC_863920170427-DSC_8281Flower20170427-DSC_8335420170427-DSC_83168920170427-DSC_848067I hope you enjoyed this photo-series. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


*P.S. No Photoshop since I somehow managed to delete it!


North Berwick Day-trip Photos

Only 30 minutes by train from Edinburgh, North Berwick was an ideal place to visit. With a charming seaside atmosphere, the little town was chock-full of visitors and locals enjoying the sunshine.

I haven’t posted in … well let’s say a while. Life happened and somehow I kept losing motivation for a lot of things. I’m still not sure if I’ll find it.

Anyway, I finally had a weekend off, and on a lovely spring Saturday M & I decided to go on a spontaneous trip to North Berwick.


Only 30 minutes by train from Edinburgh, it was an ideal place to visit, especially since we haven’t been there before. With a charming seaside atmosphere, the little town was chock-full of visitors and locals enjoying the sunshine.

We wandered about the town and by the seaside, enjoying a scoop of Luca’s ice cream, staring at kids splashing about in the cold North Sea. While the town seemed to be full of exciting shops, cafes and restaurants almost everything was closed by the time we actually wanted to grab a bite. We managed to get a table at Herringbone, and had some great burgers (though mine was a bit challenging to eat). The place was really busy and at one point a customer pushed into our table and sent my camera flying. Needless to say, I almost had a heart-attack, but turns out my Nikon D800 is one tough cookie.

I wanted to try my new filters by the sea, however it was too bright, even with stacking! I was hoping to catch the sunset, but alas I didn’t realise how much later the sun sets now and we didn’t want to miss the train back. Maybe next time.


Lady in Red

This was one stressful photoshoot, mainly because whenever I thought I’ve got everything planned some new obstacle would get in my way. But I was determined to make this shoot happen, especially as we had the opportunity to work with two gorgeous Psychomoda dresses and a cool location. So despite some difficulties it all came together nicely and everyone in the team was great so it was definitely worth it.

Meeting the Green-haired Fairy – Alternative Photoshoot


A few weeks ago I had an amazing photo shoot with a girl with a stunning and unusual looking girl in Edinburgh. It was lots of fun and I think I got quite a few good photos out of it.

The first time I met Laura was in the Forest café in Edinburgh. I just flew back from holidays in Slovakia and since it was a nice day me and the boyfriend decided to walk around a little. I go to Edinburgh all the time, however the only place I know well is the airport so it´s nice to explore a little.

We ended up in the forest café for some tea and lunch and I immediately noticed the greenhaired girl behind the counter. After a bit of internal discussion I decided to approach her, So when we were leaving I stopped to talk, gave her my business card (so glad I finally got them) and asked her to contact me if she´d like to be photographed by me. All the while hoping I don´t look like a creepy stalker but more like an artistic soul (I hat a hat on). There is a thin line between these two and most of the time I don´t know exactly on which side of the spectrum I reside.

A few days later she texted me and we booked a date. I was quite busy at the time but managed to squeeze in a little trip and a photoshoot in between my exams and it was worth it.

I always feel very inspired when doing alternative photoshoots, it´s a nice breath of fresh air from portraits and fashion which can get somewhat repetitive. I also find that with alternative looks I have more freedom of expression and inspiration.

And now – the photos:

Okay, cool photos, you might say – but isn´t she supposed to have green hair?

Yes she is. But for some reason Laura´s green hair photographs blue. When she told me that, I said that Im pretty sure that I can make her hair green thinking that the previous photographers just used some wrong white balance settings. But despite my assuredness her hair still showed up blue on the photos. I have no idea why, probably something to do with the way sunlight is reflected but it´s still pretty weird.

Anyways, if you want to know more about Laura, you can have a look at her blog or model mayhem page. If you want to know more about me, keep watching this space.


see ya next week