Wild Flower – Photoshoot

After a long break I did a photoshoot with the lovely Krissy, who was looking to update her modelling portfolio. We took advantage of some gorgeous cherry blossoms (yes, this shoot was a while ago) and had a blast.





Photo20170427-DSC_856520170427-DSC_86091220170427-DSC_862120170427-DSC_8629-Edit20170427-DSC_863920170427-DSC_8281Flower20170427-DSC_8335420170427-DSC_83168920170427-DSC_848067I hope you enjoyed this photo-series. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


*P.S. No Photoshop since I somehow managed to delete it!


Paris Fashion Week or I have no idea what I’m doing

So I went to Paris Fashion Week. Or since I live in Paris, the fashion week came to me. Except that’s not entirely true. The fashion week was mainly concentrated in little pockets of fashion where everything was allowed – or so it seemed, until you stepped out of the bubble and then people would make “funny” comments about trendsetters (people with wacky clothes) instead of photographing them.

I was free on Sunday so I looked at the show timetable thinking of skulking around before the shows and taking some street pics. I’ve had some experience with fashion shows and I’ve had press access for Bratislava Fashion Weekend (event which sadly died after a single year) but that didn’t really prepare me for a “proper” fashion week. I took a metro to the Grand Palais and for the first couple of minutes of walking around I was wondering what the hell I’m doing here. There were a few people waiting, most of them photographers and a few guests. Not much else seemed to be happening.

Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014

I amused myself by taking pictures of some fashionably dressed folk and other photographers, surprisingly a lot of them looked pretty stylish (even I tried). About half an hour after I arrived it started. More people began to arrive and everyone would just start running after them to take a picture. Often you’d have a group of 10 people photographing a single fashion victim. Everyone ran back and forth trying to spot the famous/best-dressed/good-looking person and of course once someone started taking a picture of a model/whomever everyone nearby would join. At first I found it crazy, but I soon became absorbed in this game. Although just there and then – playing paparazzi before a fashion week show, I realised how little I actually know about the world of fashion. Photographers would chant someone’s name and I would look around trying to spot the famous person. Or I’d hear a group of girls squealing only to realise too late that Anna Wintour strode past. Ah well. I did take a few pictures of famous people, although I have no idea who they are. They did look good. This blog probably destroys any seeming street fashion cred I may have had, but to hell with that.

Here are some pictures! I won’t fit all the amazing and good-looking and the plain weird looking people just into one blog so there’ll be another part soon.

Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014 Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014

Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014

Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014 Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014

Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014 Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014 Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014 Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014 Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014Chloe-Paris fashion week 2014 DSC_6023 DSC_6028DSC_6050 DSC_6056DSC_6066 DSC_6078DSC_6089DSC_6102 DSC_6106DSC_6126 DSC_6128 DSC_6135 DSC_6137DSC_6145DSC_6155 DSC_6166 DSC_6169DSC_6175 DSC_6176 DSC_6177DSC_6184DSC_6190 DSC_6195 DSC_6197 DSC_6201 DSC_6205-2DSC_6216-2DSC_6220-2

Rebel Girl

Camille - Rebel Girl

Camille - Rebel Girl Camille - Rebel Girl

Camille - Rebel Girl

Camille - Rebel Girl Camille - Rebel Girl

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In the Studio – Debbie

Debbie - Beauty

Debbie - Beauty


Second part of my beauty studio shoot. The first one featured Graeme and his amazing mermaid tattoo. The model here is the lovely Debbie, who already featured in my previous editorial – Trench Coats and Autumn Leaves and the makeup was done by the talented Euan Rider. It was a really fun shoot and I was pretty excited as I always wanted to do some simple, natural beauty photos and Euan’s example of bridal makeup really feels that way. Anyway, I hope you’ll like them and make sure to check out also the unretouched black and white photos below.

Debbie - Beauty shootDebbie - Beauty shootDebbie - Beauty shoot
































So a few days ago I went to an amazing fashion show in Glasgow – Nightwalk. Check out my impressions of it in an article for GUM which also features a mini-interview with an up and coming designer Brian Chan who designed the piece above. If you’re curious to see more photos from the fashion show itself have a flick through my Nightwalk album on Facebook. If you’re in Scotland, make sure to come next year!

Other than that I’ve got more exciting things coming up, like another fashion show, trip to Italy and some amazing photos I can’t wait to share.




Trench Coats and Autumn Leaves

So I know I’ve been MIA in the past few weeks, been crazy busy with uni work, photoshoots and general procrastination. But I’ve got some good news – my article on fashion photography has been published at the DPS website, which is one of the biggest websites for beginning photographers, so if you want to know How to Organise a Fashion Shoot in 5 Easy Steps, make sure to check it out.

And now the photoshoot. It was organised by the lovely makeup artist Euan Rider who also got us the amazing clothes and leather bags for the shoot inspired by the latest Burberry campaign. The models were Debbie Roulston and Jack Allnutt.

Bratislava Fashion Weekend

So I just sobered up from the madness that was Bratislava Fashion Weekend, which is the closest Slovakia has to fashion week. I only got the email about my press pass last minute so I missed the first day’s shows but I spent the rest of the weekend in and around the Fashion tent, either in the photo-pit or wandering about taking photos of stylish individuals. There would usually be about four shows per day, mainly by Slovak designers but there was a few shows by famous brands like s.Oliver, aftershock London and Nike. But first I’ll present photos from saturday featuring slovak designers which pleasantly surprised me with their talent.

This is a collection by Michaela Luptakova, full of edgy urban looks.

Petra Poorova presented her Coco Chanel inspired collection featuring feminine silhouettes and bows.

Holubec is certainly not a man to go for safe looks. His collection was absolutely stunning with its edgy clothes, materials and mild nudity. Needless to say, me and the audience loved it.

Jana Gavalcova stunned everyone with her amazingly abstract swimwear.

Miklosko Fashion Design. Miklosko didn’t fail to charm with his elegant details and intricate designs.

Hope you enjoyed this selection of photos, there’s more from every designer on my Facebook page so make sure to check it out. 🙂