Beckett on Failure

Fail Better - Scotland in Velvia

This is my favourite Beckett quote. I don’t remember the play it comes from anymore but I  sure won’t forget these words. So in case you were wondering what’s up with me, this is it. I’m too busy failing at life. Hopefully, failing better with each stumbly step.

Scotland in Velvia Scotland in Scarlet /VelviaGlasgow university, scotland in velvia

I rediscovered these photos in the process of updating my website as I rummaged through my virtual archive. These were all taken ages ago, when I was experimenting with film, part of my mini-series Study in Scarlet, Scotland in Velvia. The photos were taken with my Lomo LCA+ on Velvia and cross processed. Looking at them makes me want to shoot more film, and now that it’s sunny enough maybe I will. If I ever get out of the library that is.

Scotland in Velvia


Cupcake Love

Cupcake love

I have nothing to post so here are some cupcakes. Not to be confused with The Kenedy Cupcakes who I also photographed.

It was supposed to be my valentine’s post but I went to a party at the cinema instead and then promptly forgot about everything until now. I thought the pictures might look good in my portfolio if I ever decide to update my website so I thought I might as well post them here.  The cupcakes were delicious too, from the Cup in the west end of Glasgow, you should visit. I’m getting more into food photography so if you have delicious food send it my way.

Cupcake love

Cupcake love Cupcake love Cupcake love

Cupcake love

All pictures were taken in natural light with my 85mm prime, aperture between 2.8 to 1.8.

Ugh. shouldn’t have made this post. Need.More.Cupcakes.


Isha Portrait at Glasgow University

This weekend my good friend Isha came to visit me in Glasgow, this was the first time we’d seen each other after two years so there was a lot to catch up on. Isha arrived this friday on Burn’s night so we celebrated  with some haggis and whisky. The next day we wandered around Glasgow University and because the sun was (surprisingly) shining I managed to take a few photos while we roamed around.

Isha Portrait at Glasgow University Isha Portrait at Glasgow University

Isha Portrait at Glasgow University
She looks like straight out of Glasgow Uni Prospectus!
Isha Portrait at Glasgow University
In the Hunterian Museum at the University


Across The Universe -Aerial Photography

Across The Universe

Take off. I was flying from Amsterdam to Glasgow. I had to wake up at 5am to get to the airport, the blue hour just began as I got on the airplane. Some girl was sitting on my seat. She asked me if she can sit there. I said no. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but this was the window seat. In the end her and her boyfriend ended up sitting together and I had my window seat. Which was great because while they were snoring next to me I got to see and capture some amazing views.

I experienced 3 sunrises, which is something my tired brain could not comprehend. Anyway, hope you’ll like the photos.

Across The Universe

Across The Universe DSC_1551 DSC_1531Across The Universe Across The UniverseGlasgow DSC_1560

Trench Coats and Autumn Leaves

So I know I’ve been MIA in the past few weeks, been crazy busy with uni work, photoshoots and general procrastination. But I’ve got some good news – my article on fashion photography has been published at the DPS website, which is one of the biggest websites for beginning photographers, so if you want to know How to Organise a Fashion Shoot in 5 Easy Steps, make sure to check it out.

And now the photoshoot. It was organised by the lovely makeup artist Euan Rider who also got us the amazing clothes and leather bags for the shoot inspired by the latest Burberry campaign. The models were Debbie Roulston and Jack Allnutt.

Silent Assassin

My newest nickname. Apparently I seem very shy and then just say something unexpected that makes everyone laugh. I don’t think I’m particularly shy, it’s just that if I don’t have anything interesting to say, I don’t. I’m naturally an introvert though, and that’s fine by me although god knows that most of society considers it some sort of a personality defficiency that needs to be eradicated . I can be fun and chatty when I feel like it, especially in smaller groups, but when I don’t – too bad.

Anyway, I thought this is quite a good title as it features smoking which is in many cases considered to be a silent assassin. I shot this without much thought regarding the concept, I was just overjoyed by the temporary lack of rain and a rediscovery of my beloved black hat so I just wandered into my favourite location with a tripod just for the sake of it. The smoke doesn’t play a major part here, as I kept trying to get the timing right and forgot to change the settings until halfway through the cigarette. But I must say I do like the faint hint of smoke, especially in the gif. so I guess it proves a nice addition to my smoking series, which I might post once I’ve got more photos.