Summer in Glasgow

Not what I usually post here but it was the latest photo I’ve taken and kind of depicts what I’ve been feeling like lately. I’ve photographed this particular trio of buildings a few times before, unintentionally, just as I was walking to and from town, but this one feels like it’s the one. Maybe I should try to dig out the other ones for comparison but just the thought of wading through my 50k+ strong photo archive makes me shiver.

Anyway, I supposed that my summer in Glasgow would be more glamorous, even though yes, Glasgow is the most unglamorous city one can imagine. Still, I thought I’d be hanging out with friends, being creative and generally just having fun with an easy job to pay the bills. But somehow I found myself juggling two jobs, none of which pays well, and the odd photography gig or shoot on the side. On the day this photo was taken I was rained on almost constantly during job n.1, then spent about 20 minutes trying to make a human out of myself at the toilets including drying my hair and shoes underneath the tiny hand dryer (thankfully there were no witnesses) before going to shoot a gig. So yeah, I’m keeping busy. That’s good, although I still wish I had more time for my personal projects.

Today I woke up, slightly hung over trying to navigate my way through though the empty wine bottles and general crap on the floor. But what I felt was… nostalgia. Strange, right? Guess the whole acting like an adult thing shouldn’t stop me from having fun from time to time. 😀


Stop Staring

This photoshoot was an absolute blast, it went so well considering it was basically a last minute affair, planned by the lovely Rachel M.@Superior and the makeup artist Natasha Dardas (who also does hair, and nails – so useful). Rachel brought a whole bag stuffed with clothes but we decided that less is more and captivated by the amazing swimwear Rachel brought we decided to show as much skin as possible – unfortunately for Rachel as it was a pretty cold February day. But being the brave model she is, she didn’t seem to mind, and was striking great poses and climbing anything that could make a great photograph. It was a great photo shoot and I’ve still got plenty of photos with different changes of clothes to post later. So watch this space, and my Facebook page preferably both 😀 and let me know what you think about the photos.

 See ya later!

Lady Winter

I had a great time shooting this winter themed editorial with the lovely model Jenna McGuiness with makeup by the very talented Diana Mackenzie. The weather was good, although not very winter-looking but it got pretty cold. Despite that the shoot was a success, and both girls were amazing, and didn’t mind being dragged through mud and nearly falling into water just to get the shots. Now, that’s dedication.

Dancing In The Snow

Just when I thought the winter has ended here comes the snow. The weird weather in Glasgow never ceases to amaze me.

And just because it was snowing I decided to go and take some self-portraits on our roof. I also brought my umbrella to pose with, but in the end I ended up using it to protect my camera. Too bad I don’t have another one because it looked quite amusing. Unfortunately I didn’t bring a sticky tape so I whenever I wanted to look at the pictures or change settings I’d have to tweak the umbrella as well as it kept falling, I’m just thankful it wasn’t windy otherwise I wouldn’t risk it. Overall I took 160 pictures, deleted 90 (out of focus), had 20 good ones of which I picked my favourites which I put in this post. That’s why I prefer shooting models, I have a way higher success rate if I only concentrate on one thing. But this was fun, although freezing.

About Winning the Oscar or How I Got People To Look at My Stuff

Yesterday was the last day of my photography exhibition. So just before they were closing I went to the lovely tchai-ovna, to take the photos down, with the help of the boyfriend who turned out being (like most men) completely useless, but at least provided moral support and amusement while I was balancing on the chair battling with wires and heavy frames. And I´ve met a guy who bought one of my pieces, said hi to him and tried not to appear overly excited and awkward. I do not think I succeeded but it was a good night, even though it was sad seeing the bare walls and my pictures in the bag and on the floor just didn´t have the same charm.

But before I get all sappy and thank everyone like an actress after winning an oscar, I might as well tell you about how it all began. Actually, I don´t really know how I got to have an exhibition, developed completely organically. I met my friend Ola who was working in tchai-ovna, which is if you don´t know the coolest place in Glasgow.

Moving to the UK from Slovakia two years ago, I knew what would be the thing I´ll miss the most, the amazing little tea houses where you can just chill and chat for hours with friends and a good cup of tea. So you can imagine my joy when I found a similar place here as well. Well anyways, me and Ola were doing a photo shoot together, started talking and turned out that the venue is looking for new artists to exhibit. Of course I jumped at the chance and within a few days I sent Ola a bucketful of photos (well, minus the bucket).

I got approved by the big boss and all I needed was the date and then just “simple” things such as choosing the photos, printing them, finding frames and put them on a wall, oh and host an exhibition opening night. But I think all that deserves it´s own blog post. I already have a title for it – “How Not To Plan An Exhibition”

However, despite all that went wrong, and believe me, all that could did; it was an amazing experience. I had a lot of people at the opening night and a lot of good comments on my work, so that was great. So yeah, I´d like to thank everyone who helped me choose the pictures, gave some advice or moral support or just said they like my work & went to tchai-ovna to check it out (or just were there in spirit). Well basically I´m just thanking everyone.

Sooo where´s my oscar?

me with some of my photos at the exhibition & the coolest neclace eva

PS. Yes I know that Oscar is for actors and film people. The Pulitzer Price for Photography, however is quite a mouthful and unfortunately not as well known.

PS 2. I wanted to upload more pictures here but am too tired/lazy to do so. But you can check them out here, along with detailed images of the selected photographs and some general fooling around.