Winter Girls – Portrait Photography in the Snow


I came back home for winter holidays and my lovely cousins came to visit. A couple of days after christmas it began to snow so of course we had to use this opportunity and take a few winter portraits messing around in the snow. We didn’t plan anything in advance & didn’t have much time, so while I see room for improvement I’m quite happy with the way these pictures turned out despite (or because?) the spontaneity. What do you think? Do you have a favourite?
20141230-DSC_841020141230-DSC_8466Winter Girl20141230-DSC_8454


Briefly in Brussels, some photos & memories

Brussels by Reverine

Brussels was my favourite town which is why I was looking forwards to going there again. But from the moment I got of at the train station, alone and confused it was different, it was cold, rainy and I took the metro in the opposite direction. Once in town I forgot how much of Brussels I actually remembered and walking around the city felt effortless but strange as half-forgotten memories hit me as I walked past a familiar looking street, square or shop.

Brussels by Reverine Brussels by ReverineBrussels by Reverine Brussels by Reverine Brussels by Reverine Brussels by Reverine Brussels by Reverine Brussels by Reverine

DSC_4166 It’s difficult to be alone and miserable at a place where you were once in love, no matter how long ago it was.
Brussels by Reverine Brussels by Reverine

DSC_4160DSC_4167 DSC_4176 DSC_4183 DSC_4191 DSC_4203DSC_4208

Thankfully I didn’t feel lonely for too long as I made a new friend with whom I went out for some beer & waffles which yet again improved my opinion on Brussels & travel. Though for a better experience I recommend visiting during summer.


Winter in Paris

Paris by Reverine

In December I managed to spend a few days in Paris, some of it was spent wandering around the Christmas markets. It was incredibly warm and sunny but it didn’t diminish the Christmas atmosphere of the city. Next week I’m moving to Paris for real. So naturally I’m terrified that it’s not gonna work out. I’ll keep you posted, in the meantime you can check out my photos.

Paris by Reverine Paris by ReverineDSC_2814DSC_2870 DSC_2871 DSC_2874 DSC_2876 DSC_2883 DSC_2884 DSC_2989 DSC_2992

DSC_3214 Paris by ReverineDSC_3179 DSC_3209 Paris by ReverineParis by Reverine

Cupcake Love

Cupcake love

I have nothing to post so here are some cupcakes. Not to be confused with The Kenedy Cupcakes who I also photographed.

It was supposed to be my valentine’s post but I went to a party at the cinema instead and then promptly forgot about everything until now. I thought the pictures might look good in my portfolio if I ever decide to update my website so I thought I might as well post them here.  The cupcakes were delicious too, from the Cup in the west end of Glasgow, you should visit. I’m getting more into food photography so if you have delicious food send it my way.

Cupcake love

Cupcake love Cupcake love Cupcake love

Cupcake love

All pictures were taken in natural light with my 85mm prime, aperture between 2.8 to 1.8.

Ugh. shouldn’t have made this post. Need.More.Cupcakes.

Dream On

Dreams. They take you into strange places, sometimes you wake up grateful it was all a dream, sometimes you wake up disappointed and confused. Dreaming of the past or the future (sometimes I can’t tell which one is which) is always curious. Could this really happen? But then your rational self has woken up and says – it will not. Sometimes it’s a good thing.

We know dreams really don’t have specific meanings or answers, but sometimes we just can’t help but analyse them. I’ve been reading a lot of Freud lately. It’s fucking with my mind. Just like those dreams I have.

Heart Shaped Box

These pictures were taken during last year’s valentine’s day. We went out for my friends birthday party and danced like madmen, then continued to get drunk at the casino where I spilled my drink all over a certain Mmme Wong with lots of chips on her table, she didn’t even move, just stared at me while the guy at the table apologised profusely and I was trying not to laugh. I wasn’t even drunk, just clumsy. It was a great night.

Today I got a heart shaped balloon from a guy at uni, it has some corporate advertisement on it but I don’t care – it’s a free f-in heart-shaped balloon. Little things like that always cheer me up. That and bumping into my boyfriend at uni, which almost never happens because he’s a lazy bastard (sorry, but search your heart, you know it to be true). And I had a great photoshoot with two talented ladies (and 2 shoots on sunday) so I’ll be posting more exciting things than just self portraits. Not sure how I’m gonna edit it all with uni and me moving to Russia, but it’s great being busy and creative again.

Here’s to a good Valentine’s day! (and if you’re single it’s only another reason to stuff yourself with chocolate and alcohol and have fun -no excuses)

Not sure how this happened, but here's a romantic picture of us, from a wedding last february.