Wild Flower – Photoshoot

After a long break I did a photoshoot with the lovely Krissy, who was looking to update her modelling portfolio. We took advantage of some gorgeous cherry blossoms (yes, this shoot was a while ago) and had a blast.





Photo20170427-DSC_856520170427-DSC_86091220170427-DSC_862120170427-DSC_8629-Edit20170427-DSC_863920170427-DSC_8281Flower20170427-DSC_8335420170427-DSC_83168920170427-DSC_848067I hope you enjoyed this photo-series. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


*P.S. No Photoshop since I somehow managed to delete it!


North Berwick Day-trip Photos

Only 30 minutes by train from Edinburgh, North Berwick was an ideal place to visit. With a charming seaside atmosphere, the little town was chock-full of visitors and locals enjoying the sunshine.

I haven’t posted in … well let’s say a while. Life happened and somehow I kept losing motivation for a lot of things. I’m still not sure if I’ll find it.

Anyway, I finally had a weekend off, and on a lovely spring Saturday M & I decided to go on a spontaneous trip to North Berwick.


Only 30 minutes by train from Edinburgh, it was an ideal place to visit, especially since we haven’t been there before. With a charming seaside atmosphere, the little town was chock-full of visitors and locals enjoying the sunshine.

We wandered about the town and by the seaside, enjoying a scoop of Luca’s ice cream, staring at kids splashing about in the cold North Sea. While the town seemed to be full of exciting shops, cafes and restaurants almost everything was closed by the time we actually wanted to grab a bite. We managed to get a table at Herringbone, and had some great burgers (though mine was a bit challenging to eat). The place was really busy and at one point a customer pushed into our table and sent my camera flying. Needless to say, I almost had a heart-attack, but turns out my Nikon D800 is one tough cookie.

I wanted to try my new filters by the sea, however it was too bright, even with stacking! I was hoping to catch the sunset, but alas I didn’t realise how much later the sun sets now and we didn’t want to miss the train back. Maybe next time.


Briefly in Brussels, some photos & memories

Brussels by Reverine

Brussels was my favourite town which is why I was looking forwards to going there again. But from the moment I got of at the train station, alone and confused it was different, it was cold, rainy and I took the metro in the opposite direction. Once in town I forgot how much of Brussels I actually remembered and walking around the city felt effortless but strange as half-forgotten memories hit me as I walked past a familiar looking street, square or shop.

Brussels by Reverine Brussels by ReverineBrussels by Reverine Brussels by Reverine Brussels by Reverine Brussels by Reverine Brussels by Reverine Brussels by Reverine

DSC_4166 It’s difficult to be alone and miserable at a place where you were once in love, no matter how long ago it was.
Brussels by Reverine Brussels by Reverine

DSC_4160DSC_4167 DSC_4176 DSC_4183 DSC_4191 DSC_4203DSC_4208

Thankfully I didn’t feel lonely for too long as I made a new friend with whom I went out for some beer & waffles which yet again improved my opinion on Brussels & travel. Though for a better experience I recommend visiting during summer.


Beckett on Failure

Fail Better - Scotland in Velvia

This is my favourite Beckett quote. I don’t remember the play it comes from anymore but I  sure won’t forget these words. So in case you were wondering what’s up with me, this is it. I’m too busy failing at life. Hopefully, failing better with each stumbly step.

Scotland in Velvia Scotland in Scarlet /VelviaGlasgow university, scotland in velvia

I rediscovered these photos in the process of updating my website as I rummaged through my virtual archive. These were all taken ages ago, when I was experimenting with film, part of my mini-series Study in Scarlet, Scotland in Velvia. The photos were taken with my Lomo LCA+ on Velvia and cross processed. Looking at them makes me want to shoot more film, and now that it’s sunny enough maybe I will. If I ever get out of the library that is.

Scotland in Velvia

Music Never Lies

DSC_1328These self portraits were taken in september last year, it was a lonely autumn afternoon when I took a few photos in my flat with an abandoned guitar. I wish I could play it.

Music - Self-Portrait with a Guitar Music - Self-Portrait with a Guitar Music - Self-Portrait with a Guitar

2012 Review – Photography, Travel & Life

I know everyone is doing this now, but I really like the idea of reviewing the past year so I thought I’d share some highlights of my year.

2012 Highlights

– got a MacBook Pro which made editing a dream as my laptop would no longer crash when opening Photoshop.

– done lots of fashion photoshoots, like this one with Rachel below.

Rachel Monaghan, rooftop fashion photoshoot by reverine

– visited Tiree a small Scottish island which was very beautiful. I managed to break my tripod and damage my lens (both are still functional even though I haven’t repaired them yet, maybe something to do in 2013)

These rocks, although beautiful have proven fateful to my trusty tripod and lens

– moved to Russia for 2 months in April, lived in Tver, visited Moscow and St Petersburg and had a great time. On the Road

– did a photoshoot with an amazing Slovak band the uniques who are currently working on their second album. It was a very fun shoot which involved pouring water on the band members and an encounter with a swan.

– Summer Roadtrip with my parents – Visited all the countries of Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) and France. Luxembourg was the only one I haven’t been before and I was pleasantly surprised by it, it was beautiful and almost without tourists. Another highlight was taking a self-portrait in Monmartre in front of Sacre Coeur and pretending I was Parisian.

Monmartre Dreams by Reverine Photography


Bratislava Fashion Weekend  and Nightwalk

Bratislava Fashion Weekend - Holubec
Bratislava Fashion Weekend 2012- Holubec

Did some fun photoshoots in the studio, like the one with Debbie or Graham,  trying to get the hang of artificial lighting. I really enjoy working in the studio as it’s warm and it doesn’t rain in there, also there’s various exciting lighting opportunities available, although I still prefer natural light.

Debbie - Beauty shoot
Beauty shoot with Debbie

The Kennedy Cupcakes shoot. It was a lot of fun and a great experience shooting this many people. One part of the shoot was in the studio and the other one outdoors, I’ll post pictures of the second part later.

Christmas Cupcakes

Winter.   Went to Milan and Venice with my boyfriend. Went home to Slovakia for holidays, stopped in Prague for a few days and went for a day trip to Vienna to check out some art and have some mulled wine.


Other than that, I’ve been taking a ton of self-portraits which I rather enjoy although I still prefer shooting other people. I’ve done a lot of fashion photoshoots this year have a look at my 2012 Facebook album if you want to see more. For next year I’m planning to continue improving my portfolio and try and do more conceptual work and maybe some art nudes. I already have quite a few photoshoots planned for January and got asked to do some exciting projects so I hope it works out. I’d also like to continue working in the studio and ideally buy some of my own lights so I’d be more self-sufficient. My dream would be to earn enough money for a new camera I desperately need so I need to be more proactive about getting jobs and selling prints. And I’d like to update this blog at least once a week. Speaking of the blog, make sure to have a look at my most popular blog posts below. And don’t forget to share your goals or resolutions for 2013.