Wild Flower – Photoshoot

After a long break I did a photoshoot with the lovely Krissy, who was looking to update her modelling portfolio. We took advantage of some gorgeous cherry blossoms (yes, this shoot was a while ago) and had a blast.





Photo20170427-DSC_856520170427-DSC_86091220170427-DSC_862120170427-DSC_8629-Edit20170427-DSC_863920170427-DSC_8281Flower20170427-DSC_8335420170427-DSC_83168920170427-DSC_848067I hope you enjoyed this photo-series. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


*P.S. No Photoshop since I somehow managed to delete it!


Winter Girls – Portrait Photography in the Snow


I came back home for winter holidays and my lovely cousins came to visit. A couple of days after christmas it began to snow so of course we had to use this opportunity and take a few winter portraits messing around in the snow. We didn’t plan anything in advance & didn’t have much time, so while I see room for improvement I’m quite happy with the way these pictures turned out despite (or because?) the spontaneity. What do you think? Do you have a favourite?
20141230-DSC_841020141230-DSC_8466Winter Girl20141230-DSC_8454

Iceman – Bodypainting Photoshoot

Iceman - Bodypainting Photoshoot

I know the summer is slowly beginning but I would like to introduce you to the Iceman. Kim decided to do some bodypainting and since I’ve not shot that before I was extremely excited. I didn’t really know what to expect when I showed up at the studio but was pleasantly surprised when I saw the painted Vincent (I was also kind of terrified because he looked completely different with the paint on). When Kimberly was doing her magic I set up the lighting. I loved playing with the black background and dramatic shadows which I think suited the subject matter. I used 2-3 strobes for this look. I was  quite happy with the results but editing was a PAIN. The body paint didn’t work like skin it was all weird and glittery so it took me a while to get the hang of it. But ultimately I didn’t have to do much since Kim did such a great work. It was a definitely an interesting experience and would love to do something like this again.

Iceman - Bodypainting Photoshoot

Iceman - Bodypainting Photoshoot

Iceman - Bodypainting Photoshoot
Did I mention I absolutely adore Killer Whales?
Iceman - Bodypainting Photoshoot
The full team in all its glory.

NVMERI Band Photoshoot

NVMERI by Reverine NVMERI by Reverine

So some time ago, actually quite a long time ago I’ve done a shoot with a very talented and critically acclaimed Slovak band. When I met them they were known as the uniques, but they changed their name to NVMERI with their eponymous second album which they have just released. I haven’t got it yet but I loved the last one and the single from their new album so you should all check it out. Anyway here is the rest of the pictures from the shoot which as you can see was great fun, the boys were chilled out and didn’t mind me making them walk into a lake and my assistant throwing water at them over and over again.

NVMERI by ReverineNVMERI by ReverineNVMERI by Reverine NVMERI

Trench Coats and Autumn Leaves

So I know I’ve been MIA in the past few weeks, been crazy busy with uni work, photoshoots and general procrastination. But I’ve got some good news – my article on fashion photography has been published at the DPS website, which is one of the biggest websites for beginning photographers, so if you want to know How to Organise a Fashion Shoot in 5 Easy Steps, make sure to check it out.

And now the photoshoot. It was organised by the lovely makeup artist Euan Rider who also got us the amazing clothes and leather bags for the shoot inspired by the latest Burberry campaign. The models were Debbie Roulston and Jack Allnutt.

Lady in Red

This was one stressful photoshoot, mainly because whenever I thought I’ve got everything planned some new obstacle would get in my way. But I was determined to make this shoot happen, especially as we had the opportunity to work with two gorgeous Psychomoda dresses and a cool location. So despite some difficulties it all came together nicely and everyone in the team was great so it was definitely worth it.

Nicole – the New Miss Scotland

A few days ago I heard wonderful news that Nicole, one of the models I know became Miss Scotland 2012! I had a shoot with her a few months ago but because I am notoriously bad about posting photos up you haven’t seen them yet. So what better time to post them than now?

This is Nicole. She came over to my flat to for the shoot, along with her mum who proved more than useful with handling the reflector. Nicole was very nice and excited about her modelling career and very driven, she knew exactly what she wanted out of the shoot, which only made it easier for me. Anyways here are some photos from our shoot:


And the last one is my favourite shot from the whole day. Those eyes. Isn’t she haunting? Definitely a deserved victory. Congratulations Nicole!