The Geisha Warrior

Model : Megan Cowan
MUA : Cassie Todd
by Reverine Photography

This shoot is another example of a last minute shoot which turned into something absolutely amazing. ┬áCassie mentioned she’s got a vintage chinese dress and I said it would be amazing if we had a sword as well. Cassie said she can try and get that too – and she did. The word epic doesn’t even cover it. It was my dream to do something like this and it just came together perfectly.

I wasn’t really trying to portray a typical geisha, so don’t yell at me for not making her look “authentic” she’s more like an imaginary character. A sword-wielding heroine who’s not afraid to kick your ass and chop you up.


Glasgow Rain

…. is not always bad.

Model: Megan Cowan, MUA: Cassie Todd

I’m back in Glasgow now, both excited and terrified at what this year will bring…