Beckett on Failure

Fail Better - Scotland in Velvia

This is my favourite Beckett quote. I don’t remember the play it comes from anymore but I  sure won’t forget these words. So in case you were wondering what’s up with me, this is it. I’m too busy failing at life. Hopefully, failing better with each stumbly step.

Scotland in Velvia Scotland in Scarlet /VelviaGlasgow university, scotland in velvia

I rediscovered these photos in the process of updating my website as I rummaged through my virtual archive. These were all taken ages ago, when I was experimenting with film, part of my mini-series Study in Scarlet, Scotland in Velvia. The photos were taken with my Lomo LCA+ on Velvia and cross processed. Looking at them makes me want to shoot more film, and now that it’s sunny enough maybe I will. If I ever get out of the library that is.

Scotland in Velvia


Cupcake Love

Cupcake love

I have nothing to post so here are some cupcakes. Not to be confused with The Kenedy Cupcakes who I also photographed.

It was supposed to be my valentine’s post but I went to a party at the cinema instead and then promptly forgot about everything until now. I thought the pictures might look good in my portfolio if I ever decide to update my website so I thought I might as well post them here.  The cupcakes were delicious too, from the Cup in the west end of Glasgow, you should visit. I’m getting more into food photography so if you have delicious food send it my way.

Cupcake love

Cupcake love Cupcake love Cupcake love

Cupcake love

All pictures were taken in natural light with my 85mm prime, aperture between 2.8 to 1.8.

Ugh. shouldn’t have made this post. Need.More.Cupcakes.

Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas Cupcakes

Happy Holidays! This is the perfect time to share the photos I’ve done with the Kennedy Cupcakes. The Kennedy Cupcakes are a Glasgow based 50’s style dance troupe and they asked me to do some Christmas themed pin-up shots with their cute christmas costumes. The shoot was great fun so I hope you’ll enjoy the photos and your Christmas as well.
Christmas Cupcakes Christmas CupcakesChristmas Cupcakes Christmas Cupcakes Christmas Cupcakes Christmas Cupcakes Christmas Cupcakes Christmas Cupcakes


Teenage Angst

Because – Fuck You that’s why.

I’ve been feeling like I’m going insane in the past few days. So being the crazy photographer I am I decided to document it all. I wasn’t really gonna blog these pictures but I watched an old episode of Chase Jarvis Live last night at 2AM (cuz that’s how I roll) and some things they said really resonated with me. So to hell with safe and pretty, cause that’s what everyone else is doing. It’s time to dig deeper.

Just to clarify, I’m not actually crying that’s just how I looked after leaving the bath and loved the whole smeared makeup look. And despite my massive craving I didn’t retouch these photos so they’d look more authentic/ugly. I must say I prefer them in black and white but wanted to show off my new hair colour. Ironically enough after weeks of not getting any interpreting assignments, I’ve got one tomorrow so I’m gonna have to wash my hair a lot to make myself look slightly less crazy (it looks really bright in natural light).

Anyway, to those of you in the UK happy 5th of November. Fuck the government but bring on the fireworks!

Heart Shaped Box

These pictures were taken during last year’s valentine’s day. We went out for my friends birthday party and danced like madmen, then continued to get drunk at the casino where I spilled my drink all over a certain Mmme Wong with lots of chips on her table, she didn’t even move, just stared at me while the guy at the table apologised profusely and I was trying not to laugh. I wasn’t even drunk, just clumsy. It was a great night.

Today I got a heart shaped balloon from a guy at uni, it has some corporate advertisement on it but I don’t care – it’s a free f-in heart-shaped balloon. Little things like that always cheer me up. That and bumping into my boyfriend at uni, which almost never happens because he’s a lazy bastard (sorry, but search your heart, you know it to be true). And I had a great photoshoot with two talented ladies (and 2 shoots on sunday) so I’ll be posting more exciting things than just self portraits. Not sure how I’m gonna edit it all with uni and me moving to Russia, but it’s great being busy and creative again.

Here’s to a good Valentine’s day! (and if you’re single it’s only another reason to stuff yourself with chocolate and alcohol and have fun -no excuses)

Not sure how this happened, but here's a romantic picture of us, from a wedding last february.