North Berwick Day-trip Photos

Only 30 minutes by train from Edinburgh, North Berwick was an ideal place to visit. With a charming seaside atmosphere, the little town was chock-full of visitors and locals enjoying the sunshine.


I haven’t posted in … well let’s say a while. Life happened and somehow I kept losing motivation for a lot of things. I’m still not sure if I’ll find it.

Anyway, I finally had a weekend off, and on a lovely spring Saturday M & I decided to go on a spontaneous trip to North Berwick.


Only 30 minutes by train from Edinburgh, it was an ideal place to visit, especially since we haven’t been there before. With a charming seaside atmosphere, the little town was chock-full of visitors and locals enjoying the sunshine.

We wandered about the town and by the seaside, enjoying a scoop of Luca’s ice cream, staring at kids splashing about in the cold North Sea. While the town seemed to be full of exciting shops, cafes and restaurants almost everything was closed by the time we actually wanted to grab a bite. We managed to get a table at Herringbone, and had some great burgers (though mine was a bit challenging to eat). The place was really busy and at one point a customer pushed into our table and sent my camera flying. Needless to say, I almost had a heart-attack, but turns out my Nikon D800 is one tough cookie.

I wanted to try my new filters by the sea, however it was too bright, even with stacking! I was hoping to catch the sunset, but alas I didn’t realise how much later the sun sets now and we didn’t want to miss the train back. Maybe next time.


Beckett on Failure

Fail Better - Scotland in Velvia

This is my favourite Beckett quote. I don’t remember the play it comes from anymore but I  sure won’t forget these words. So in case you were wondering what’s up with me, this is it. I’m too busy failing at life. Hopefully, failing better with each stumbly step.

Scotland in Velvia Scotland in Scarlet /VelviaGlasgow university, scotland in velvia

I rediscovered these photos in the process of updating my website as I rummaged through my virtual archive. These were all taken ages ago, when I was experimenting with film, part of my mini-series Study in Scarlet, Scotland in Velvia. The photos were taken with my Lomo LCA+ on Velvia and cross processed. Looking at them makes me want to shoot more film, and now that it’s sunny enough maybe I will. If I ever get out of the library that is.

Scotland in Velvia


Isha Portrait at Glasgow University

This weekend my good friend Isha came to visit me in Glasgow, this was the first time we’d seen each other after two years so there was a lot to catch up on. Isha arrived this friday on Burn’s night so we celebrated  with some haggis and whisky. The next day we wandered around Glasgow University and because the sun was (surprisingly) shining I managed to take a few photos while we roamed around.

Isha Portrait at Glasgow University Isha Portrait at Glasgow University

Isha Portrait at Glasgow University
She looks like straight out of Glasgow Uni Prospectus!
Isha Portrait at Glasgow University
In the Hunterian Museum at the University


Nicole – the New Miss Scotland

A few days ago I heard wonderful news that Nicole, one of the models I know became Miss Scotland 2012! I had a shoot with her a few months ago but because I am notoriously bad about posting photos up you haven’t seen them yet. So what better time to post them than now?

This is Nicole. She came over to my flat to for the shoot, along with her mum who proved more than useful with handling the reflector. Nicole was very nice and excited about her modelling career and very driven, she knew exactly what she wanted out of the shoot, which only made it easier for me. Anyways here are some photos from our shoot:


And the last one is my favourite shot from the whole day. Those eyes. Isn’t she haunting? Definitely a deserved victory. Congratulations Nicole!

Scottish Photo Holiday – Oban & Tiree

I must say, I’m not really a landscape girl. I mean, I like looking at them but I wouldn’t get out of my comfy room out in the cold just to photograph some boring trees in a park. I’m a traveller. It says so on the census form where I circled the gypsy/traveller section. Not because I’m ethnically a gypsy (although with my temper one never knows) or because I find the notion of it somehow cool or romantic – I’m from Slovakia and we’ve got some proper gypsies here, and it’s not a “let’s all sing and dance by the fire in our hippie trailer park” sort of affair as it’s sometimes portrayed in the media. Anyways, back to the traveller bit – that’s sort of what I am, constantly moving between UK and my home country, stumbling into new places in between, never belonging anywhere. But at the same time everywhere.

So when I travel, I take the camera with me.

I wanted to go for a small trip before going back to Slovakia so me and A. decided to go to the island of Tiree, a remote island remarkable mainly because of its remoteness and lack of trees and of course inhabitants. We decided to spend the night in Oban which I loved ever since I went there to assist at a wedding. Anyways we got lucky with absolutely fabulous weather and went for a several mile long walk after which we ate delicious and well deserved dinner.

one of my HDR attempts

The next morning we had to wake up at 6 in the morning in order to get the only ferry going to the island. But it was worth it because of the amazing sunrise, the sun peeked out only for a while illuminating an island lighthouse and some epic clouds. Although my fingers were slowly freezing off despite constant clicking.

When we got off the ferry we managed to meet the only policeman on the island. He kindly offered to drive us to our hotel. I must say I never expected my first drive in a police van to be so enjoyable. Afterwards he even allowed us to take some pictures:

After some lunch we managed to explore on island, first on bikes (bad idea – too windy) and then we experienced the comforts of Dial-a-bus (a cross between a taxi and a bus) climbed some dangerous looking hills, wandered around beaches with cows staring at us, and generally just enjoyed the view.

Cute Houses in Tiree

That’s all for now. Next week I’ll either post another fashion shoot or something about Russia as I’m flying there this sunday! Anyways I hope you enjoyed today’s post (it was a bitch to upload that’s for sure) and if you did let me know :), well even if you didn’t all comments are appreciated, apart from spam – sorry but I don’t like you. Anyways, have a good weekend everyone!

The Road Is My Friend So Why Don’t We Stay Here?

Why don’t we stay?

I really don’t feel like writing this essay which is due tomorrow. So here’s a pretty picture. I took this somewhere near Oban as we walked for miles following the glorious sunset. I wish I was still there.


The road’s an old friend, we’ve walked it forever
And wandered away


Wellies and a Wedding Dress

Hello there. Last Thursday I attended a Scottish wedding in Oban. Nikki McLeod needed an assistant for a wedding so I got in touch and we started talking. After a while I could think about was „wedding in a castle – yay free trip – rainbows, sunshine and photography“ Well, I am easily amused. So yes, I thought that it was a great way to find out whether I´d like to shoot weddings and get some experience being around a pro wedding photographer. (also free trip and a Scottish castle wedding, hello?)

After a tree hour train ride a taxi dropped me right in front of a wee castle in the middle of nowhere. I found Nikki, met up with the lovely bride & groom &  Tatiana Ashakova, the very talented makeup artist. We started with bridal preparation, then the ceremony which nearly made even my cynical self tear up. Then came the fun part – portrait session with the bride & groom. Our prayers and sunshine dances seemed to work as the weather was just perfect as we got out at the beach.

So here you can see the amazing landscape near Oban & the lucky couple on Nikki´s photo. Climbing up those rocks in Rebecca´s colourful and way too big wellies, and covered in heavy and super expensive gear, was quite the challenge.  Carrying things and trying not to fall was what I spent most of the time doing during the day. But I also helped out with the lighting by holding up video light or a flashgun, when needed. And at one point when both me and the photographer were standing in a marsh. So wellies were a must, even the bride had a pair.  This definitely wasn´t one of those boring studio sessions!

Overall I found being an assistant at a wedding an enjoyable experience, everyone was really nice and friendly especially Nikki, and the now married couple Anita and Grant. I also enjoyed chatting to guests and the owner of the castle, who didn´t mind me stealing strawberries in chocolate (only had two, promise)  and the piper from St Andrews (who didn´t know any of my friends from there so we couldn´t gossip)

It was a great experience but I still don´t know whether I´d like shooting weddings. It was quite fun but I guess that it would only get more and more stressful as a photographer. So I’m a bit unsure, I guess I´d stick with portraits, models and landscape for now but I certainly wouldn´t mind giving it weddings a proper try. I guess we´ll see. Anyways, what do you guys think about wedding & wedding photography?

Click here for more of Nikki´s pictures of the wedding.  Scroll down for some of my pictures from Oban. I might put some more in the next post if people find it interesting.

The lovely Barcaldine Castle
Loch Creran