Learning To Fly

Learning to fly - Reverine self-portrait Learning to fly - Reverine self-portrait Learning to fly - Reverine self-portrait Learning to fly - Reverine self-portraitLearning to fly - Reverine self-portrait Learning to fly - Reverine self-portraitLearning to fly - Reverine self-portrait

A soul in tension that’s learning to fly
Condition grounded but determined to try
Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted just an earthbound misfit, I

– Pink Floyd  Learning To Fly


Music Never Lies

DSC_1328These self portraits were taken in september last year, it was a lonely autumn afternoon when I took a few photos in my flat with an abandoned guitar. I wish I could play it.

Music - Self-Portrait with a Guitar Music - Self-Portrait with a Guitar Music - Self-Portrait with a Guitar

Girl, Frozen.


Winter was always my favourite season. At first mainly because both my birthday and Christmas are in winter, so I had a lot to look forwards to. Now, while I still look forwards to these things my winters feel more melancholy, which is fine by me as in winter you can always blame your un-cheerful dispositon on the weather. Winter feels with you, doesn’t force you to go out and meet people because it’s freezing cold and snow on the ground so you can just stay home, covered underneath a blanket and read books or catch up on the TV shows everyone talks about. That’s why I don’t like autumn and spring, winter doesn’t pretend that things are better than they are. Oddly enough I like summer, because summer means freedom, at least for now.

These photos were taken on the Christmas morning, I woke up and the garden was filled with snow. After breakfast I ventured outside to take pictures of the stunning icicles and managed to take some self portraits. I stupidly forgot the most important part of my tripod in Glasgow which made it completely useless, so I had to improvise. I propped up my camera on the stairs to my house and after some manoeuvring got a good angle. I would have preferred to get more snow on the pictures but due to these limitations I couldn’t. But I still got acceptable results, which only shows that you don’t need to have all fancy gear to take a good picture it’s just a bit more challenging.

Girl Frozen DSC_0946 Girl, FrozenCat on the snowIcicles on a pine treeGirl, FrozenFrozen Flower
All photos from this series are available as prints.
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Dream On

Dreams. They take you into strange places, sometimes you wake up grateful it was all a dream, sometimes you wake up disappointed and confused. Dreaming of the past or the future (sometimes I can’t tell which one is which) is always curious. Could this really happen? But then your rational self has woken up and says – it will not. Sometimes it’s a good thing.

We know dreams really don’t have specific meanings or answers, but sometimes we just can’t help but analyse them. I’ve been reading a lot of Freud lately. It’s fucking with my mind. Just like those dreams I have.

The Lost Girl

These were taken during the “summer” in Glasgow at one of my favourite places. I really want to shoot there again but I’m kind of bored with myself as a model and don’t feel creative enough anyway. I feel like I’m standing on crossroads trying decide which way to go… The time is ticking and there’s no looking back once I step forward. So I stand still. Completely and utterly lost.

Monmartre Dreams

Channelling my inner Amelie in Monmartre, Paris.

Early morning in Monmartre was cool, and I was shivering in my tiny, un-ironed grey dress. I didn’t have anything better to wear and I was determined to take a few self-portraits while in Paris. I couldn’t get away any other time so these were the only ones I’ve taken. The streets were fairly empty, shopkeepers were opening their cafes, creperies and shops selling either intricate desserts or typical french souvenirs (made in china). There was only a pair of tourists in front of Sacre Coeur more interested in their map than the beauty around them. Senegaleese trinket sellers watched me as I set up my tripod and started shooting. “Souvenir? One euro only!” one of them asked as I brushed past them walking up the stairs, all of them were selling identical Eiffel Tower key rings for identical price. “NON, merci,” I said in my best french accent and continued shooting away. Less than five minutes later I packed up my tripod and excited and exhilarated ran down the stairs and back into my hostel.

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you’ve got a favourite among the photos,

until next time x