Winter Girls – Portrait Photography in the Snow


I came back home for winter holidays and my lovely cousins came to visit. A couple of days after christmas it began to snow so of course we had to use this opportunity and take a few winter portraits messing around in the snow. We didn’t plan anything in advance & didn’t have much time, so while I see room for improvement I’m quite happy with the way these pictures turned out despite (or because?) the spontaneity. What do you think? Do you have a favourite?
20141230-DSC_841020141230-DSC_8466Winter Girl20141230-DSC_8454


NVMERI Band Photoshoot

NVMERI by Reverine NVMERI by Reverine

So some time ago, actually quite a long time ago I’ve done a shoot with a very talented and critically acclaimed Slovak band. When I met them they were known as the uniques, but they changed their name to NVMERI with their eponymous second album which they have just released. I haven’t got it yet but I loved the last one and the single from their new album so you should all check it out.¬†Anyway here is the rest of the pictures from the shoot which as you can see was great fun, the boys were chilled out and didn’t mind me making them walk into a lake and my assistant throwing water at them over and over again.

NVMERI by ReverineNVMERI by ReverineNVMERI by Reverine NVMERI