Scottish Photo Holiday – Oban & Tiree

I must say, I’m not really a landscape girl. I mean, I like looking at them but I wouldn’t get out of my comfy room out in the cold just to photograph some boring trees in a park. I’m a traveller. It says so on the census form where I circled the gypsy/traveller section. Not because I’m ethnically a gypsy (although with my temper one never knows) or because I find the notion of it somehow cool or romantic – I’m from Slovakia and we’ve got some proper gypsies here, and it’s not a “let’s all sing and dance by the fire in our hippie trailer park” sort of affair as it’s sometimes portrayed in the media. Anyways, back to the traveller bit – that’s sort of what I am, constantly moving between UK and my home country, stumbling into new places in between, never belonging anywhere. But at the same time everywhere.

So when I travel, I take the camera with me.

I wanted to go for a small trip before going back to Slovakia so me and A. decided to go to the island of Tiree, a remote island remarkable mainly because of its remoteness and lack of trees and of course inhabitants. We decided to spend the night in Oban which I loved ever since I went there to assist at a wedding. Anyways we got lucky with absolutely fabulous weather and went for a several mile long walk after which we ate delicious and well deserved dinner.

one of my HDR attempts

The next morning we had to wake up at 6 in the morning in order to get the only ferry going to the island. But it was worth it because of the amazing sunrise, the sun peeked out only for a while illuminating an island lighthouse and some epic clouds. Although my fingers were slowly freezing off despite constant clicking.

When we got off the ferry we managed to meet the only policeman on the island. He kindly offered to drive us to our hotel. I must say I never expected my first drive in a police van to be so enjoyable. Afterwards he even allowed us to take some pictures:

After some lunch we managed to explore on island, first on bikes (bad idea – too windy) and then we experienced the comforts of Dial-a-bus (a cross between a taxi and a bus) climbed some dangerous looking hills, wandered around beaches with cows staring at us, and generally just enjoyed the view.

Cute Houses in Tiree

That’s all for now. Next week I’ll either post another fashion shoot or something about Russia as I’m flying there this sunday! Anyways I hope you enjoyed today’s post (it was a bitch to upload that’s for sure) and if you did let me know :), well even if you didn’t all comments are appreciated, apart from spam – sorry but I don’t like you. Anyways, have a good weekend everyone!