Girl, Frozen.


Winter was always my favourite season. At first mainly because both my birthday and Christmas are in winter, so I had a lot to look forwards to. Now, while I still look forwards to these things my winters feel more melancholy, which is fine by me as in winter you can always blame your un-cheerful dispositon on the weather. Winter feels with you, doesn’t force you to go out and meet people because it’s freezing cold and snow on the ground so you can just stay home, covered underneath a blanket and read books or catch up on the TV shows everyone talks about. That’s why I don’t like autumn and spring, winter doesn’t pretend that things are better than they are. Oddly enough I like summer, because summer means freedom, at least for now.

These photos were taken on the Christmas morning, I woke up and the garden was filled with snow. After breakfast I ventured outside to take pictures of the stunning icicles and managed to take some self portraits. I stupidly forgot the most important part of my tripod in Glasgow which made it completely useless, so I had to improvise. I propped up my camera on the stairs to my house and after some manoeuvring got a good angle. I would have preferred to get more snow on the pictures but due to these limitations I couldn’t. But I still got acceptable results, which only shows that you don’t need to have all fancy gear to take a good picture it’s just a bit more challenging.

Girl Frozen DSC_0946 Girl, FrozenCat on the snowIcicles on a pine treeGirl, FrozenFrozen Flower
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So I heard You Like Paris

Here’s a picture for you.

So I was in Paris (as you probably guessed by now). Standing on top of L’Arc de Triomphe with an epic sunset going on. I even had a tripod with me to capture the amazingness happening in front of me. I’ve been taking my time, capturing the sunset over La Defense, then taking a few snaps of Champs Elysees from above before moving towards the Eiffel Tower. I pushed through the swarms of trigger happy asians with their cameras and obnoxiously loud americans and more annoying tourists until I found an opening with a view. I snapped a quick picture before recomposing with a more pleasing angle and composition. I pressed the shutter. Nothing happened. My battery died and all I was left with was the crappy Eiffel tower shot. Granted after a bit of cropping it turned out okay and worthy enough to be put on the blog. Well at least something came out of this failed photo opportunity and the photo is one of my favourites from my trip.

Moral of the story: Charge your batteries regularly and carry extra ones. If you carry your tripod all over the town for the perfect shot – something will definitely prevent you from using it.

Travel, Obsessions and Work-life Balance

I haven’t posted for a while, it’s been a busy few weeks with what packing my meagre posessions, moving out and flying to amsterdam to spend a week on the road until coming home to slovakia. So I was busy travelling and then I was busy doing edits and more edits.

I don’t know about you but have an obsessive personality. If I’m working on something I will work on it obsessively until it’s done and then some. I mean I watched the whole 2 seasons of Game of Thrones in 4 days, and that was with restraining myself (e.g. actually going outside). That’s also why I read books so fast – I just don’t do anything apart from reading the whole day (if the book is gripping enough, which is becoming more and more rare).

Sometimes this obsessiveness can get a bit annoying – but mainly for other people. Like this summer I spend most of my time playing my boyfriends xbox (and no, that’s not a euphemism) so I’d often hear things like: “You’ve been playing this for 8 hours now, don’t you think you should go home?”

“Wait a sec, I just need to finish this mission/battle/section”

“Srsly, Olivia just go home now.” Nothing like spending quality time with your significant other. Although I must say I admire his patience. I do tolerate his football obsession so I guess that makes us even.

So yeah For some reason I just can’t do the whole work-life balance, I either work hard or I party hard, but it’s a rare ocassion when it’s in the same week or the same day.

So this week I’ve been working hard as you can see from my desk. Been doing lots of photo editing and the big pile of papers on the desk is the novel I’m working on right now. And yes, the cat is essential to the creative process. Anyway, I can’t wait to be done (only 30 pages!) because after that I’ll spend the whole week sipping margaritas on the fake beach by the river and finally socialising with my friends rather than my cat. So yeah, in some twisted sort of way I do have work-life balance. I’m not sure how long it’ll take for me to go crazy, but so far it seems to be working out for me.

Silent Assassin

My newest nickname. Apparently I seem very shy and then just say something unexpected that makes everyone laugh. I don’t think I’m particularly shy, it’s just that if I don’t have anything interesting to say, I don’t. I’m naturally an introvert though, and that’s fine by me although god knows that most of society considers it some sort of a personality defficiency that needs to be eradicated . I can be fun and chatty when I feel like it, especially in smaller groups, but when I don’t – too bad.

Anyway, I thought this is quite a good title as it features smoking which is in many cases considered to be a silent assassin. I shot this without much thought regarding the concept, I was just overjoyed by the temporary lack of rain and a rediscovery of my beloved black hat so I just wandered into my favourite location with a tripod just for the sake of it. The smoke doesn’t play a major part here, as I kept trying to get the timing right and forgot to change the settings until halfway through the cigarette. But I must say I do like the faint hint of smoke, especially in the gif. so I guess it proves a nice addition to my smoking series, which I might post once I’ve got more photos.

Summer in Glasgow

Not what I usually post here but it was the latest photo I’ve taken and kind of depicts what I’ve been feeling like lately. I’ve photographed this particular trio of buildings a few times before, unintentionally, just as I was walking to and from town, but this one feels like it’s the one. Maybe I should try to dig out the other ones for comparison but just the thought of wading through my 50k+ strong photo archive makes me shiver.

Anyway, I supposed that my summer in Glasgow would be more glamorous, even though yes, Glasgow is the most unglamorous city one can imagine. Still, I thought I’d be hanging out with friends, being creative and generally just having fun with an easy job to pay the bills. But somehow I found myself juggling two jobs, none of which pays well, and the odd photography gig or shoot on the side. On the day this photo was taken I was rained on almost constantly during job n.1, then spent about 20 minutes trying to make a human out of myself at the toilets including drying my hair and shoes underneath the tiny hand dryer (thankfully there were no witnesses) before going to shoot a gig. So yeah, I’m keeping busy. That’s good, although I still wish I had more time for my personal projects.

Today I woke up, slightly hung over trying to navigate my way through though the empty wine bottles and general crap on the floor. But what I felt was… nostalgia. Strange, right? Guess the whole acting like an adult thing shouldn’t stop me from having fun from time to time. 😀

On the Road

The title says it all. This photo was take on the train to St Petersburg, it was a sleeping train so most of us had to spend the whole 6 hour journey on the top bunk bed of the train which was quite an interesting experience. It’s my second month in Russia and after some exciting journeys (Moscow & St Petersburg) it’s time for me to go back home, and then Glasgow again. It seems like I’m always on the move these which can be pretty stressful but I wouldn’t change it for anything.


Scottish Photo Holiday – Oban & Tiree

I must say, I’m not really a landscape girl. I mean, I like looking at them but I wouldn’t get out of my comfy room out in the cold just to photograph some boring trees in a park. I’m a traveller. It says so on the census form where I circled the gypsy/traveller section. Not because I’m ethnically a gypsy (although with my temper one never knows) or because I find the notion of it somehow cool or romantic – I’m from Slovakia and we’ve got some proper gypsies here, and it’s not a “let’s all sing and dance by the fire in our hippie trailer park” sort of affair as it’s sometimes portrayed in the media. Anyways, back to the traveller bit – that’s sort of what I am, constantly moving between UK and my home country, stumbling into new places in between, never belonging anywhere. But at the same time everywhere.

So when I travel, I take the camera with me.

I wanted to go for a small trip before going back to Slovakia so me and A. decided to go to the island of Tiree, a remote island remarkable mainly because of its remoteness and lack of trees and of course inhabitants. We decided to spend the night in Oban which I loved ever since I went there to assist at a wedding. Anyways we got lucky with absolutely fabulous weather and went for a several mile long walk after which we ate delicious and well deserved dinner.

one of my HDR attempts

The next morning we had to wake up at 6 in the morning in order to get the only ferry going to the island. But it was worth it because of the amazing sunrise, the sun peeked out only for a while illuminating an island lighthouse and some epic clouds. Although my fingers were slowly freezing off despite constant clicking.

When we got off the ferry we managed to meet the only policeman on the island. He kindly offered to drive us to our hotel. I must say I never expected my first drive in a police van to be so enjoyable. Afterwards he even allowed us to take some pictures:

After some lunch we managed to explore on island, first on bikes (bad idea – too windy) and then we experienced the comforts of Dial-a-bus (a cross between a taxi and a bus) climbed some dangerous looking hills, wandered around beaches with cows staring at us, and generally just enjoyed the view.

Cute Houses in Tiree

That’s all for now. Next week I’ll either post another fashion shoot or something about Russia as I’m flying there this sunday! Anyways I hope you enjoyed today’s post (it was a bitch to upload that’s for sure) and if you did let me know :), well even if you didn’t all comments are appreciated, apart from spam – sorry but I don’t like you. Anyways, have a good weekend everyone!